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Question   Dear Raven-artist
Raven, I'm so glad we shared time, words and hugs with each other today. thank you for all you are. I'm proud and glad to know you. Jane

- Jane Bryant 1/5/2016 12:55:14 PM

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Question   Beautiful pictures!!
Hi Raven, So nice running into you today at the sandwich shop. And after looking at your owl/bird pictures, I'm especially happy I did! They're all just beautiful!!

- Angie Myers 1/17/2013 12:16:59 PM

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Question   MEMORIES
You are such an incredible individual. I want you to know your pictures are so incredible. I'm lucky to have you and dad was so blessed to have you in his life and incredible 30 year journey. So many positive memories to hold close to all our hearts. The pictures speak volumes of our life as one incredible unit. We all love and miss Dad but how lucky we have been this far and will continue as we hold new memories through our experiences and new pictures to capture our journey in years to come. Love you so much


- Shelly St.Hilaire 10/1/2007 10:03:59 AM

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Question   Memories...
I just wanted to thank you gramma for all these great memories...Whether its a bad day, or a rainy day, I know where to go to cheer me up or just pass the time...Thanks a lot - I love you tons!!

- Amber Pouliot 9/28/2007 12:29:52 PM

  Answer Thank you Dear One for being you. I will try to keep updating the sight with some of our pictures on a regular basis as well as adding more in the other catagories also....Love you more..Gramma

- Raven S.  9/29/2007 4:57:00 AM

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Question   A Beautiful Gift
Your pictures are so wonderful. A beautiful reminder of what family and friends are all about, with the beauty of nature in between. A cherished tribute to Bruce. Thank you for sharig.

- Moira Leduc 9/25/2007 11:45:33 AM

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Question   Wedding photos
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful family photo's. I know Holly wishes she could be there with all of you...I will make sure that she gets a chance to view all the pictures. Mary

- Mary Cutts 8/8/2007 5:25:12 AM

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Question   The Blue Heron Pictures
I cannot believe the incredible beauty and uniqueness of your photos. You truly have captured the character of the Blue Heron.

- JoAnne Maynard 5/4/2007 5:50:50 PM

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Question   Birthday Gift
I was ecstatic to get the "Follow the Light" picture for my birthday. It looks great in my dining room!!

- Jessica  Griffiths 5/1/2007 8:08:48 AM

  Answer Glad you liked it. Happy late birthday. We are very excited, as you must be, about the coming of Brody Issac...such a Great strong name.

xoxox Holli & Bruce

- Raven S.  5/1/2007 4:11:20 PM

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Question   ENJOYMENT

- NANCY GARDNER 4/11/2007 1:52:19 PM

  Answer Thank you dear one..you are an inspiration to me and a gift.

- Raven S.  4/11/2007 2:05:33 PM

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Question   I love them all!
They are all amazing as usual!

- Jessica  Griffiths 4/10/2007 8:58:09 AM

  Answer Thanks Jess...I am waiting to put your new little one under the family section so you need to get going:))))))))))
Love you

- Raven S.  4/10/2007 3:00:31 PM

  Answer My first viewing is of favorite beautiful flowers!!! What a joy to see them so fresh from the garden I can smell the perfume. Amazing photos!!.

- Phyllis L. L.  4/13/2007 9:05:56 PM

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